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Sorry, the 2021 Comet Neowise Calendar is currently Out Of Stock

A second Pre-Order of the calendars will start on the New Year after the Christmas holiday. Due to a large number of orders, the first bactch must be processed completely before opening to new orders. Thank you for your understanding.

Comet and Mt. Shasta

Bright and Beautiful Comet Rises Over Mt. Shasta, CA.

Neowise makes another bright appearance in the early morning over a still, mirror-like, Heart Lake, reflecting Mt. Shasta and the comet. It was an incredibly quiet, spiritual, and magical experience to witness.

After a double shift at work, I set out for the steep hike with my good friend Jesse Smith and prepared for what we hoped would be a perfect alignment. To our amazement, the tail began to poke behind the mountain and rode the rim until fully visible to the naked eye above the mountain.

We were speechless as we took in this incredible moment together. We figured something would be visible from here. but we did not expect such a beautiful and dramatic display out there tucked into the Cascades. I haven't been this excited to photograph anything landscape photography since the "Great American" Total Solar Eclipse of 2017.

What an incredible moment.


NEOWISE and Southern Oregon Coast

Nothing will beat my first night when I hiked to Heart Lake with Jesse Smith.

Some of you may have seen the photograph of his he shared to Reddit. The moment the comet started to rise behind Mt. Shasta with a mirror-like reflection on the small, still lake, our breath was taken away by pure magic.

Nothing could have prepared us to expect such an emotional experience. Still, as I was lying on this cliffside in the dark, waiting for this comet to lighten up my scene, my composition finally came together. High tide waves crashed underneath me as the cliffside held together by tree roots shook below me.

As the comet set lower north, the planned alignment finally came together as I had hoped. The only reason this could have lacked such an emotional experience as the first hike I made with Jesse to Mt. Shasta is that I already somewhat knew what to expect.

The only thing I really didn't expect was how much brighter the comet seems to be each night.

I can't pass up these opportunities! 


Limited Time Deals on Best Selling Prints

Limited Time Deals are one size, and full-filled to request by email only. 

24x36 Framed Canvas - $250

3 color options: white, black, wood Eco-friendly recycled polystyrene material Lightweight and ready to hang

Framed Canvases add a contemporary flair to my wall art offers. Printed canvas material is mounted on a hard backing board and then inset into a frame. The frame is 1.25" deep and the frame face is .25", the canvas is inset .25" all around for a clean and elegant look.

Untitled photo
Untitled photo

18x24 Wood Frame Hanger - $100

NEOWISE printed on high-quality canvas and framed with natural solid wood bars on top and bottom. The lightweight wall art with minimalism and stylish looking.

Untitled photo
Untitled photo

16x24 Framed Giclee - $150

A deep black frame surrounding an eggshell white Mat Board is both classic and timeless. There is no more elegant way to showcase a beloved photograph or painting. This framed artwork comes ready to hang right out of the box. This attractive wall set includes a 1.5” Rich Black Frame, Plexiglas Glazing to protect the White Mat Board and Giclee Print and a strong Masonite Backing Board. This framed print will be a gorgeous addition to any room.

Untitled photo

If you would like to take advantage of these limited prices and sizes, you will need to do so by emailing me to place your order @ 

Otherwise, you may click on the individual photographs to see the standard print sizing and pricing options. Thank you for your support. 

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