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A Comet and Shasta

Neowise makes a bright appearance in the early morning over a still, mirror-like, Heart Lake, reflecting Mt. Shasta and the comet.

It was an incredibly quiet, spiritual, and magical experience to witness. After a double shift at work, I set out for the steep hike with my good friend Jesse Smith and prepared for what we hoped would be a perfect alignment. To our amazement, the tail began to poke behind the mountain and rode the rim until fully visible to the naked eye above the mountain.

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About Me

Based out of Southern Oregon, Jasman Mander captures historical and captivating photographs around the world. With more than a decade of capturing meteorological phenomena that shows the beauty and diversity of nature,  Jasman continues to attempt to capture never before seen moments in time. 

As a well-rounded artist, Jasman conceptualizes his vision through many different mediums including but not limited to Illustration, Video, and Photography. 

Though most of his photography is a historical and artistic representation of the world, he also works closely with clients to help visualize their brand and marketing through an array of visual media. 

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