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Pre-Order your Oregon Milky-Way Shirts

The worlds First Oregon Inspired Photo Realistic Milky Way Shirts

These garments are inspired by

the drive to explore in the night.

The stars provoke a wondrous spark of curiosity

mixed with fascination

that drives our creativity and passion

to make art.

Be one of the first people to rock the galaxy through a whole new visual medium. I

Inspire others, stand out, and explore the stars. Perfect gift for friends and family that love stargazing.

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Please allow up to 2 weeks(March 5th. 2015) for the pre-order event to end,

and up to 1 more week for your order to be processed and shipped.

Also note, this is the only time we will be taking pre-orders of $45 for these products.

After the pre-order ends, the shirts will be $60 each.

Remember, Im only one person! Thanks for understanding.

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