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Blood Moon Eclipse Over Lake Selmac, Oregon

Blood Moon Rising over Lake Selmac in the Illinois Valley, Oregon.

Finally, I bring to you my finished composite of my experience last night. This image took me 5 hours of processing to accurately represent the eclipse (or half of it really). It might be a little off but its pretty dang close. This was definitely a challenge for me, and I felt blessed by the clear conditions we had.

Here you can see the rising moon and transition into the blood moon as it peaks next to Virgos brightest star, Spica. To the lower horizon you will see Antares rising a great gorgeous orange. Sadly I didnt think about taking another frame above this one so I could have also captures Mars. I dunno what I was thinking! The meteor you see here I happened to capture when i was shooting the opposite side of the moon at total eclipse when the sky darkened significantly. I composited it into my original shot!

On another note, I've been noticing a numerous amount of people facing big transitions in life lately, and my family is some of those people. Even though we lost our property, this will be a greater change for us to take on greater opportunities. You can apply this to your self as well.
Its so hard for me to express joy, happiness, and excitement all at the same time on facebook sometimes. Along with hatred, anger, fear, or sadness. Everybody on this planet experiences the same emotions and the same struggles in life differently. I feel selfish when I talk about how happy, or fulfilled I am. But its the simple things that make me feel this way.

Here's to a big transition!

Was stoked to meet Jim Heern, and shoot with my friend Wendy A Williams. Sorry to all of those who I didn't take with me. My car didn't start so I was an hour late to the scene. Asked two ladies at the Church across the street if they would help me, but they screamed and thought I was going to murder them...Was pretty funny...But in all seriousness I wish you all could have made it. This is for you guys!

It kind of feels like Christmas. I often look up at the moon thinking of people and where they are and how they are doing, and its such a blessing to me that some of you think of me and wonder where I am during events like this. But this one was special!

Especially for those who were skunked by clouds covers. Im sure well get it tonight.

Thanks for letting us use your telescope John. Such beauty!!

Sorry if im missing any tags!